Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hello Kitchen, I've Missed You...

For the past few weeks (possibly, months), I have not been doing much cooking--which is truly one of my favorite things to do. My sweet husband has either been whipping something up, or more often going to retrieve take-out. After an overdose of Chinese last weekend and some way-to-greasy Captain D's, I decided to head back into the kitchen. I started digging through my Everday Food magazines and have whipped up three pretty yummy meals this week that were quick and super easy.

I had hoped this was going to be a great post where you could click on the link to each recipe, but it seems Martha has already pulled some of these off of her website. However, if you get a chance to try to Southern Pulled-Pork Sandwiches, they are really yummy. Even though there aren't links to the others, I still wanted to pat myself on the here was this week's menu...

Tuesday night we had:
-Quick Crispy Chicken
-Snow Peas w/Dill Butter
-Brown-Sugar Glazed Carrots

Wednesday night we had:
-Spinach & Brie Chicken w/Tomato Orzo
-Sauteed Cabbage and Onions (no real recipe-just sliced up a small green cabbage and a small sweet onion, sauteed with butter over low til cooked through)

and last night we had:
-Southern Pulled-Pork Sandwiches (rather than following the recipe exactly, I used all the ingredients, but then I threw it all in the slow cooker on low for 8 hours)
-Cucumber & Sweet Onion Salad
Boiled Potatoes (again--no real recipe, just chopped up some Yukon gold potatoes, boiled, drained and tossed with butter and fresh parsley--and as always, salt and pepper to taste!)

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