Monday, February 9, 2009

Can I Get A Choo-Choo?

For Clinton's birthday I did not throw a Martha-style party. There were no party plates, no party favors, no cute invitations and sadly no party games. But for good reason....this Martha wannabe is way prego and too tired to throw a party of such grandiose for a child who's not even going to remember it (much like the big, very expensive bash we threw last year). However, I did manage to come up with three things my little birthday boy boons (balloons), a train table ( and a choo-choo cake.

Martha, I searched and searched your site for your train cake, but to no avail. So, I had to scour the internet looking for another source. There I found this video demonstration that allowed me to make a cake my little boy so desperately loved and wanted to play with.

How to make a train cake

When Clinton awoke from his nap, I had cut and iced all the train cars and the engine. He kept looking at the brightly colored blocks saying, "Ummm, gool." (Ummm, good.) As I began to assemble the train onto the tracks and adding the candy details Clinton began to realize what all the goodness really was. His eyes got really big as he said, "OH....shoo-choo! (choo-choo)" He wasn't getting more than six inches away from it after that!

I did a blue engine is honor of Thomas, our favorite little engine, and used other bright colors to go along with it. This required a LOT of food coloring which I kept far from my toddler's reach, remembering what happened to us at our Halloween party. I made sure to use all candies that Clinton could eat which included Gummy Savers (instead of Lifesavers), Kisses, gummy bears, Raisenets, strawberry Twizzlers, and Oreos. I also used a Rolo and a Miniature Peanut Butter Cup for the smoke stack. Just as we were getting ready for the cake, Rodney started clearing gifts from the table and dropped Clinton's new scooter on it. YES, ON MY CAKE. However, it was just the last car and I did already have me and my pregnancy hormones kept our cool and moved on. We sang happy birthday and Clinton enjoyed a piece of his Strawberry flavored engine (the cars were vanilla). I had also made a chocolate cake but ended up not needing it! Note to self, 12 people typically do not eat three cakes!

If you have any cool pics of b-day cakes you've done, post a link in my comments so I can see! I now have a GREAT appreciation for cake decorating skills!

If you care to read more about what Clinton's day was like and haven't already, check it out here.

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