Saturday, February 14, 2009

See What Clinton Did In School Today

One of my favorite things about Clinton being in preschool, besides his excitement about going, are all the art projects he brings home. However, I found myself trying to figure out what to do with them all. My refrigerator was getting quickly overrun with the projects, and it wasn't the best place to display them. They were often flying off as I opened the fridge door or getting covered up with an invitation or the latest grocery list. So, mother and dad helped me make these display boards at Christmas.

I had originally planned on them being magnetic boards, but I missed the primer step and the boards absorbed all the magnetic paint, so now they're bulletin boards. I started with ceiling tiles--a whopping 37 cents each at Lowe's. Then Mother cut small, thin boards to frame them out with. Her and dad framed them using little nails and wood glue. Then mother painted them black. I bought antiqued brass furniture nails to use as my "tacks". They're much longer, so they don't pop out when a little hand tries to pull the artwork down. My fear was that tacks would end up on the floor and then in someone's foot...most likely mine.

I love seeing Clinton's art as I'm washing dishes or walking down the hall. He also loves seeing them and tells me "Cool! Cool!" (School! School!) when he sees them.

Rodney and I really love having things around our house that remind us of our family, and this is just one more thing we enjoy having around us everyday.


Samantha said...

Tristan made the same mitten from the first picture!!!!

knittingnatd said...

I just noticed the squirrel in Clinton's creations. It seems an appropriate time for Clinton to get a squirrel name!

chelsea said...

Oh Natalie (or should I say Squiggley?) make me laugh.