Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Pajama Purchase

We here in the Williams' house are frugal shoppers. I'm a practical person by nature. And Rodney is a SAVER. So our shopping budget is not large...but that doesn't mean we don't do cute.

Pajamas are something I don't like spending a lot of money on. And for the most part I haven't had to...because my mom has kept us pretty well stocked. But recently I noticed Clinton's pj's were getting a bit short and Heidi Sage's pj's were Christmas and Valentine themed.

I started looking around. Seeing as I hadn't bought many pairs of pj's, I hadn't really priced them. Did you know you can spend $48 for 1 pair of kid pajamas....ONE PAIR! But I'm not raising royalty, so my kids don't wear those.

I had it in my head that I shouldn't have to spend more than $10/pair. And overall, I didn't want to spend more than $100.

I found on the Target website, I could get 2 pairs in a set for $12....that's $6/pair. Fit my budget.

If I ordered $50 worth, I got free shipping. Awesome. I ended up getting Clinton 3 sets (or 6 pairs) and Heidi Sage 2 sets (or 4 pairs). With tax and everything I ended up at around $65.

I then headed over to Little Miss Matched. Their toddler girl pajamas were on sale for $6/pair (marked down from $25/pair). The smallest size was a 2/3T. I decided they might be a bit big but would work, so I ordered one of each of the three designs. (They fit nicely, with enough room to last us at least through the fall.)

I also found a pair of pj's for myself for $10 (marked down from $80). These are no longer available, but mine look really cute on me!

I checked out tax free but with a flat rate shipping fee of $5.95. I totaled out at around $35.

So I totaled right at $100, never left my house, and had 14 pairs of pajamas. This averaged $7.14/pair including tax/shipping. Mission accomplished.

The best part was the kids loved their new duds. Clinton loves that HS's pj's from LMM don't match. He thinks it's so funny and likes to tell me all about it.

How cute are these little boxes the Little Miss Matched pj's came in??

Kids sporting their new night wear.

Clinton proud of his new stash.

Heidi Sage not caring much, but still looking cute.

Frugal but provided for,


Samantha said...

Glad you got the oj's from LMM...their stuff is super cute!

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